Our medical diagnostic device with integrated web based artificial inteligence will :
– Decrease the cost of therapy for Health Insurance Companies through early detection assured by low cost of single step large number of screening
– Increase the ratio family doctors/hospital doctors through decreasing the number of late stage diagnostics
– Increase the quality-adjusted life years that may increase the market share of Health Insurance Companies that adopt our technology
– Decrease of burden of family doctors decision tree associated with cost and time for current analyses and for screening using an in-house single step analyse that combine all

The problem
The exponential growth of therapeutic costs using modern technologies can be solved with early detection of diseases at a low cost for a high number of screening using only one medical procedure and one device. The administrative burden of family physicians to justify the choice of expensive or difficult to accept screening tests for patients can be reduced by using a single blood test (or, as appropriate, urine or pus) for early diagnosis to increase their own performance.

We want to improve Antigen -Antibody screening procedure by using our fluorescence amplification technology, that is till a certain point similar to ELISA, but using a high density of test on one consumable. More that that, using small amount of reagents and “low tech” imaging (like a phone camera), we can decrease the burden of costs and decision of recommend that. Using early detection we can decrease secondary the cost of therapy. We use internal correction of errors compared with ELISA . We developed the theoretical model, identified the potential problems and solution to go beyond drawbacks. We developed a procedure in order to test our technology, its limits in terms of sensitivity and precision in different technological conditions.

The second generation will additional detect nucleic acid sequences, for diagnosis of antibiotic resistance or detection of infectious disease (like COVID-19). This step is sequential only due to an increased amount of funds requested for it.

We use a “low tech” optics, that is a cheap device, and small amount of reagent per consumable that is low cost of tests. We use an internet based evaluation in order to obtain further error correction and personal history. This can give an ideal tool for disease control. We provide the perfect device for point of care and home base diagnosis for large scale networks (like health insurance companies or state agencies). That can increase the protection of intellectual property.