LASER Targeted Drug Delivery and Imaging System


Effective drugs in cancer treatment are prohibitively expensive. Developing new drugs is expensive financially and time consuming, many times having an increased specificity towards a small number of tumour types. Oftentimes chemotherapeutic drugs exhibit significant side effects impeding their usage at therapeutically effective concentrations. The classical method of overcoming this negative effect consists of using a tumour targeting drug delivery system.

The main obstacle in utilizing drug delivery systems such as these is the necessity for a target identifiable by the system. This is usually difficult to achieve because of the very large number of tumours exhibiting different phenotypes which  are commonly accentuated phenotypes and not totally different from the host cells. Traditional drug delivery systems diminish the negative effects of chemotherapeutic drugs but have a relatively reduced efficiency and for a reduced number of tumours.

Technology Strengths

Our proposed technology allows external targeting of the release site for the active compound. In the same time this system allows for the evaluation of the vascularization  & microvascularization   in a manner capable of identifying the tumour  neoformant blood vessels. Combining diagnostic and therapeutic methods with confirmation from outside the organism allows for the effective targeting of the release site of the chemotherapeutic agent at therapeutically efective dosages with minimal side effects, independent of the tumor type or type of chemoterapeutic agent.

This proprietary technology can decrease the required quantity of generic or proprietary drugs with an increase therapeutic effectiveness and economic efficiency. Such an approach may lead to obtaining a large piece of the cancer therapy market share.

Technology Weaknesses

The technology is untested.

We posess biotechnological expertise but lack the competence for complex optical systems development. In order to bypass this shortcoming, we need a partnership or outsourcing.

The  technology requires experimental validation and clinical validation that may be expensive and time consuming.


The large scale usage of generic drugs has lowered the profit margins of pharmaceutical companies due to high competition and high costs for the development of new drugs.

In order to increase profit, a paradigme shift is required, increasing the therapeutic effectiveness of existing drugs, but with lowered costs, thus leading to an increase in market share and size, due to increased accessibility of large numbers of patients.

Concomitent usage of injectable drugs and external drug targeting device, develops the oportunity and means of  protecting intelectual property and detecting counterfit drugs, using correlation analysis between drug sales and registered clinics employing this proprietary device.

Financial status

We are looking for financing for this project.