Early diagnosis of the risk of diabetes


Diabetes is a disease commonly met in the XXI century associated with an unhealthy life style.  Changing the life style is a hard thing to accomplish because of the comfort states. The Global Health Organization has made several remarks a long time ago in order for people to avoid obesity and sedentarism but the results failed to appear.

Technology Strengths

The innovative noninvasive technology proposed for evaluating risk of diabetes appearance (without blood harvesting) can create a highly therapeutically adherence, in order avoid the installing of diabetes by changing the lifestyle.
We prepare a patent application. We have not found similar patents.

Technology Weaknesses

Technology is not tested.
The lack of consumables may result in a lower profit margin.
End devices could be expensive.
It is possible that the end device will need some time, from start up to measurements.


We need financial support for the development of an initial device for testing on laboratory animals. Subsequently it is necessary to perform a clinical study to validate for human use.
Validation as a screening method creates a great opportunity for Lilly, to increase visibility of the brand by printing it on devices that are used directly on patients (like an ultrasound device). Using on huge number of people at risk of diabetes, and possibly by a large number of health professionals, creates excellent visibility for any brand.
Such an approach can counterbalance the low profit margins in the marketing of devices.
Developing a method of preventing a disease with a major impact may bring a significant recognition of the capacity Lilly to develop successful drugs.
Moreover, the social impact can lead to media coverage beyond the direct trade.

Financial status

We are looking for financing for this project.